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Anti-Microbial Sheet Products & Preparation Process    

Plastic sheet offering a surface eliminating bacteria, including bacteria responsible for hospital acquired infections e.g. MRSA, CPE, P. Aeruginosa, tuberculosis and more in as little as 30 minutes.


The technology covers antimicrobial sheet material and products such as tiles, in particular tiles suitable for use in the sector of medical environments, building/construction sector, food industry, sanitary ware, recreation and agriculture.

Such sheets have been known for quite some time, and are in principle a valuable tool in fighting microbial contamination of floors, ceilings and walls of hospitals and other medical environments. The cost of the traditional sheet material is relatively high, which has up to now impeded wide spread use of them. It is therefore a main objective of the present invention to arrive at an affordable cost level.

The patented invention not only reduces the costs, but increases the effectiveness of anti-microbial sheets, other applications become viable such as in: construction, sanitary and food processing environments. In these areas, as a further idea underlying the patented invention, anti-fungus functionality could be a desired requirement of tiles of sheet material, for which purpose somewhat increased concentrations are according to the invention appropriate. In this respect the inventor considered that outdoors applications may become viable should anti-moss functionality was also be realized. As a further elaboration on the invention it was found that such could indeed be realized by applying higher levels of concentration of the required active ingredient.

Given the cost issue of inorganic antimicrobial agents, the invention is involved with providing economically favorably designed antimicrobial sheets or construction material.

Given the seriousness of the resistance problem of hospital bacteria, and the potential for further application of such an improved antimicrobial sheet, it was desired to provide such, despite the elevated costs of inorganic agents, with even improved anti-microbial effectiveness.

Antimicrobial products according to the invention are therefore produced by means of an extrusion process, in particular by means of a co-extrusion process, in which solely an outer layer of strongly reduced thickness is provided with such inorganic agent, and supported by and bonded to a base or body sheets of significantly larger thickness for providing stiffness to the antimicrobial active surface. Extruded sheet according to the invention can be in the form of compact or (partially) expanded extruded or co-extruded sheet.

An extruded sheet is characterized by comprising at least two, preferably three co-extruded layers including a body or core layer sandwiched between two, or underlying one outer layer or layers. The body layer consists of thermoplastic, at least polymeric material. At least one of the outer layers comprises such polymeric material blended with the additive in pure, masterbatch or compounded form.

Anti-microbial sheet according to the invention thus comprises a body layer of a particular compound, and a co-extruded antimicrobial layer of significantly smaller thickness, at least predominantly composed of said compound and a known additive having anti-microbial functionality.

Primary Application of the Technology

Construction and building material
Medical industry
Food & Agriculture

The Problem Solved by the Technology

Continuous sanitation of surfaces without labour involvement

How the Technology Solves the Problem

No other material offers a complete bacterial elimination time of 30 minutes.

Competitive Advantage

° Bacterial elimination time engineered according to a customer's needs.
° No need to use chemicals of any kind to sanitize the sheet material/tile/product.
° The product's surface sanitizes continuously.
° Fitted for many plastics.
° Cost efficient and flexible process (co-extrusion) maximizing usage of raw materials

Comments on Deal Structure, Potential Terms and Restrictions

sale as well as license is offered

Additional Information

Antibacterial samples and analytical reports (bacterial elimination effectiveness) are available
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