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Patent Summary

U.S. Patent Classes & Classifications Covered in this listing:

Class 62: Refrigeration

(1) processes and apparatus peculiar to removing heat from a substance, usually by a change of phase of a coolant or refrigerant, as by evaporation, melting or sublimation, (2) the resultant product of part (1), e.g., ice, liquefied or solidified gases, and (3) processes and apparatus peculiar to handling the latter as a stored product, not elsewhere provided for.

Subclass 84: Lubricant handling
Subclass 117: Dividing refrigerant flow, e.g., bypass parallel units
Subclass 160: Reversible cycle machine
Subclass 193: Of or by compressor
Subclass 196.1: Bypass, e.g., compressor unloading
Subclass 228.3: By refrigerant pressure
Subclass 228.5: By variable compressor output, e.g., unloading, staging, etc.
Subclass 324.6: With flow control or compressor details
Subclass 468: With lubricant handling means
Subclass 470: Lubricant separator
Subclass 471: At evaporator or evaporator-discharge line
Subclass 510: Plural compressors or multiple effect compression

Class 237: Heating Systems

Apparatus and processes for heating rooms, chambers, houses, and other enclosing structures, including combinations of two or more heat generators and combinations of a heat generator with means for distributing a fluid heated thereby.

Subclass 2B: Heat source is a reverse cycle refrigerating system or heat pump

Class 417: Pumps

This is the general class for the pumping of fluids, and includes the pumping of slurries, fluent material and the like if handled in a manner not inconsistent with the handling of fluids. A pump is defined as means to move a fluid by taking it from one place or location and moving it to another place or location different from whence it came, the pump, therefore having an inlet and an outlet for the pumped fluid which are separate and distinct. The pumping of the fluid is generally accomplished by action thereon of a mechanical member (eg. piston) or by contact or entrainment with another fluid (eg. jet pumps). Also, the pumping may be accomplished by the direct action on the pumped fluid of an electric or magnetic. This class is the residual home for the formation of a vacuum in an enclosed space by a gettering action; a getter being a material which when placed in an enclosed space reduces the gas or vapor content of the space either by a chemical or physical action. Also, included are those devices and processes in which the fluid is ionized to permit or enhance the gettering action. These devices are often termed "getter-ion pumps".