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Home Security System with Integrated Cellular & Video Technology    

Portfolio discloses an improved home security system with an early priority date and extended intellectual property rights duration.


A video camera and a microphone are installed at a home’s point of entry that enables two-way conversation between a person standing at the door and homeowner, regardless of the homeowner’s physical location. This system records audio and video signals at the door that can be transmitted to any preprogrammed telephone or cellular-enabled wireless device (homeowner’s cell phone or work telephone). The homeowner can also connect a security service to the audio/video signals through his telephone that helps the service to easily identify and assess a situation. The disclosed system provides for an internal back-up power source that helps the system operate even during power failures. Also, the invention is an independent device that can easily be installed by the homeowner in place of a doorbell activator. Further, the security system is easy to program and install. The video cameras used in the disclosed system are also operable in a low-illumination environment.

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Security Systems

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