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Articulated Weighted Vaginal Speculum    

All end users are familiar with the predicate instrument and it's place regards to vaginal surgical procedures. The new patented technology displaces the predicate instrument.


The predicate instrument has been in existence for over 100 yrs and the seller redesigned this standard gynecologic instrument. The seller has displaced this surgical relic with the next generation of a 'self-retaining' vaginal retractor. The formal characterization is 'Disruptive Technology'. Historically, the Gyn community has reluctantly accepted the status quo. Once exposed to the patented item, the consensus is undeniably accepting of the superior efficacy of the patented item over the predicate instrument.

The unique characteristics of the patented item are adjustibility, thermally safe, and variable options that are non-existent with the predicate instrument. The reposable 'spoons' allow for multiple length options (i.e: .8cm, 10cm, 12cm), and angulation options (i.e: 90, 80,75 degree). The added benefit of the 'spoons' being thermally safe in all laser and thermal procedures cannot be overstated, which insures patient safety.

Applicable Procedures:
- Vaginal Hysterectomy
- Hysteroscopy
- Endometrial and Cervical Ablations
- D & C

Primary Application of the Technology

The gynecologic surgical arena would be the primary target market.

Per the NIH, there were 4M GYN procedures that call for a weighted vaginal speculum. Conservatively, based on the NIH data , at $12/spoon, that would be an annualized gross sales, based on 100% market share, of $40M (COGS is 5%).

The Problem Solved by the Technology

The inspiration was precipitated by a Gyn surgeon, who felt the inefficiencies of the predicate instrument, shouldn't have to be accepted by Gyn surgeons any longer. The inherent failings, i.e: non-retention, improper angulation, unacceptable sizing, thermal conductivity, all resulted in an unacceptable moments of frustration at a surgically critical time. The patented technology is a one of a kind instrument, which is clearly a disruptive technology. The predicate instrument has not been changed in over 100 years.

How the Technology Solves the Problem

The predicate instrument has inherently been the only option, with all it's failings. The Gyn community has had no other options, but continues to accept the short comings of the status quo. The patented item addresses the major shortcomings of the predicate instrument, which are: no angulation options, non-dimensional (length) variation, not thermally safe, no assurance of self retention, and uniformity of weight.

The patented item addresses all the above with three distinct angulations, 90,80,75 degress. Three spoon lengths, 8, 10, 12cm options. The spoon composition is of a thermally safe material which assures no transfer of thermal threat to mucosal tissue. The spoons have a 'self-retention' design to assure position and non-retraction. Finally, the patented item handle is uniform in it's weight, 2lbs, assuring the most efficacious ergonomic design for it's purpose.

Competitive Advantage

Multiple blade/spoon size
Multiple angulations
Anti-slip surface
Cautery safe
Thermally safe
Ergonomically comfortable for surgeon

Additional Information

The blades/spoons for the Speculum are FDA 510K approved. The spoons are disposal, sterilized and individually packaged.

Patent Summary

U.S. Patent Classes & Classifications Covered in this listing:

Class 600: Surgery

Subclass 220: Duck-Billed specula (e.g., vagina)
Subclass 235: Specific use retractor