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Patent Summary

U.S. Patent Classes & Classifications Covered in this listing:

Class 600: Surgery

Subclass 141: Articulated segments
Subclass 152: Fluid or electrical control means
Subclass 156: Fluid channel (e.g., suction, irrigation, aspiration)
Subclass 437: Ultrasonic
Subclass 441: Having B-scan and Doppler
Subclass 443: Anatomic image produced by reflective scanning
Subclass 444: With mechanical and electronic scanning
Subclass 445: Mechanical scanning
Subclass 447: Electronic array scanning
Subclass 450: Cardiographic
Subclass 454: Blood flow studies
Subclass 463: With acoustical or display imaging

Class 128: Surgery

Methods of treatment of the living body and apparatus used in the inspection and treatment of diseases, wounds, and other abnormal conditions of the bodies of humans and lower animals. This class includes methods and means for manufacturing surgical appliances which are not classifiable in other classes.

Class 73: Measuring And Testing

Processes and apparatus for making a measurement of any kind or for making a test of any kind, and takes all such subject matter not provided for in other classes. The term "test" includes inspection, processes and apparatus for determining qualities by inspection being included where not provided for in other classes. This class is the generic class for sampling and takes all sampling apparatus and processes not otherwise provided.

Subclass 626: Switched

Class 382: Image Analysis

This is the generic class for apparatus and corresponding methods for the automated analysis of an image or recognition of a pattern. Included herein are systems that transform an image for the purpose of (a) enhancing its visual quality prior to recognition, (b) locating and registering the image relative to a sensor or stored prototype, or reducing the amount of image data by discarding irrelevant data, and (c) measuring significant characteristics of the image.

Subclass 128: Biomedical applications
Subclass 154: 3-D or stereo imaging analysis
Subclass 285: Mapping 2-D image onto a 3-D surface
Subclass 294: Registering or aligning multiple images to one another

Class 367: Communications, Electrical: Acoustic Wave Systems And Devices

The communication of information or intelligence in the form of travelling stresses in an elastic medium which are detected or generated by electric signal handling means wherein the electric signal represents the communicated information or intelligence.


Class 345: Computer Graphics Processing And Selective Visual Display Systems

Processes and apparatus for selective electrical control of two or more light-generating or light-controlling display elements* in accordance with a received or stored image data signal. The image data includes character, graphical information or display attribute data. The image data may include, for example, information data from a peripheral input device, from the reception of a television signal, from the recognition of image data, or from the generation or creation of image data by a computer.

Subclass 419: Three-dimension
Subclass 424: Voxel
Subclass 427: Space transformation