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Business Card with Mobile Phone Incoporated    

Mobile phone module, that is normally off and is only activated by pressing a button in order to make a telephone call to a predetermined telephone number according to the time and day.


Device designed to facilitate immediate contact between a potential customer and vendor business organization without that customer having to seek information or make multiple contacts with partners to contact the seller. As an added bonus, this device allows the seller presented to the client with a modern corporate image, advanced and gives preferential treatment to provide a means of immediate contact.. The components of the three modules are distributed in an upper area where they are soldered to a FLEX cable, an intermediate area for the battery and a lower area formed by a multilayer base plate to which the components thereof are soldered. The card has a thickness of (exemplarily and not restrictively) between 2 and 4.5 mm and the functional elements thereof are placed on the sides of said card, with the exception of the screen which is installed in a face.

Primary Application of the Technology

Chips on a card

Competitive Advantage

Business card with built-caller. Technical sector. The present invention refers to a card that includes a mobile phone module, a module for storing data and optionally a multimedia presentation module. Therefore, this invention lies not only in the field of business cards, but also in the field of electronic communication devices including various uses such as mobile telephony, data storage and multimedia presentation.

Additionally, the present invention has the application to be used as a portable device that connects to a person with a particular party by operating a single button, this invention being framed in the sector of personal telecommunications.

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