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Predictive Key For Entering Punctuation Quickly    

A smart key that predicts what punctuation the user will be entering next.


Dramatically increases input of punctuation via a keyboard.

A specialized soft key that changes based on interpretation of the type of sentence or phrase being entered. For instance, by default it could be a comma.

However, based on circumstance it could change to a question mark, a closing quotation mark, a closing parenthetical or bracket.


What are you doing [tap of the smart key enters a question mark]

(I'm just curious. [tap of the smart key enters a closing parenthesis]

"She said the silliest thing. [tap of the smart key enters a closing quote]

"I like her   [double tap of the smart key enters a comma then a closing quote]

"What about John  [double tap of smart key enters a question mark then a closing quote]

Primary Application of the Technology

Smart phone and tablet software user interfaces

The Problem Solved by the Technology

Simplifies entering of punctuation via a keyboard.

How the Technology Solves the Problem

The technology prevents hunting and pecking for punctuation particularly when a secondary punctuation keyboard is implemented.

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Class 345: Computer Graphics Processing And Selective Visual Display Systems

Processes and apparatus for selective electrical control of two or more light-generating or light-controlling display elements* in accordance with a received or stored image data signal. The image data includes character, graphical information or display attribute data. The image data may include, for example, information data from a peripheral input device, from the reception of a television signal, from the recognition of image data, or from the generation or creation of image data by a computer.

Subclass 173: Touch panel