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Task Matching Technical Support Services over a Network    

The patent provides for computer users with a technical support problem to seek and find a competent individual(s) to solve the technical problem.


An internet based solution allows computer users to enroll and request assistance from more technically proficient people in resolving their specific computer related problems.

Technically skilled people enroll and list their individual skill set. These skill sets are stored and form a key component for the criteria searched when users who require assistance are looking for help.

The connectivity from a technician's computer to user's computer, is built upon internet based technology. A user has overall decision and control of what computer content or applications are accessed.

Prior to connectivity the user and technician communicate via text based messaging (instant online chat) prior to and during their connected state.

Computer users can find skilled people to get the assistance they require on demand.

In essence the patent provides an engine that allows the coming together of people unknown to each other to resolve problems, while providing them all the necessary means for remote support and payment.

The Problem Solved by the Technology

Many people are unfamiliar with where to find skilled people to get the assistance they require on demand. The normal means are usually family and friends identified to them with some PC problem solving skills, or local PC repair centres. Once these avenues have been exploited it is somewhat difficult to find a real alternate solution. All too often the problems then go unresolved due to their being no specific knowledge to hand.

How the Technology Solves the Problem

The inventor recognised a market gap for users with software problems or training needs to meet competent people able to help provide guidance or tuition, or problem solving assistance. The technology bridges this gap by allowing technically skilled people to enroll on e.g. a web portal and make themselves available for hire to perform Live assistance. Users seeking assistance are able to search for a technician based on the software problem they are experiencing. This resolution level could be achieved due to the vast amount of knowledge able to be online at any one time, especially when this available knowledge also crosses time zones, thereby effectively making online support and assistance around the world 24/7

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Subclass 705: Help presentation

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