Patent for Sale:

Touch Screen Precision    

A new device that improves the usability of touch screens and smatphones enabling an accurate writing. An attractive and functional gadget to help our fingers to type accurately.


The device is the ultimate gadget, when placed on the finger improves the usability of touch screens, enabling taps and gestures to be more accurate.

This device solves the problem of usability with touch screens, as it facilitates precision, accuracy in typing and addresses the issue of hygiene in sharing touch screens.

This minimalist and functional new product concept is composed by an ergonomic, removable and flexible strip fitted with a small pointer of conductive material which creates a direct and smooth contact with the touch screens.

It is a useful and simple product concept, very cheap to manufacture, and also a component of fashion and a trend element, thanks to the possibility to confer it with different colors, logos and textures. The product concept is designed to be sold in boxes like "blister pack" with a number of 10 units for example. Each unit can be reused several times and when the product loses its adhesion characteristics to the finger it's time to replace it with another, it’s then a gadget to “use several times and throw away".

The product was presented in Brussels Innova awarded by the World Intellectual Property Organization "Best product invented by a woman inventor".

The Problem Solved by the Technology

Interaction between touch screens and fingers is not precise enough to allow effective typing.

Reduces the frustration of typing on a touch screen.

How the Technology Solves the Problem

The product concept is very simple and effective:

• The device is composed by a tip which allows electrical conductivity
• Reduces the contact surface of our fingers
• Creates a direct and smooth contact between the touch screen and our skin.
• And a plaster that allows the tip to be in the best position for typing, because it sticks perfectly on the finger.
• It is an hipoalergenic medical tape
• It’s ergonomic and removable
And to use it, simply place the device on the finger and ensure that the tip is at its best position for typing.

The product concept values are:

• Increase efficiency (more accuracy, better results)
• Disposable product, which assures a high volume of estimated sales + ongoing regular revenues
• Each unit, several uses
• Improves customer Experience
• Design / Trendy
• It can be customized with different colors, textures, and logos!
• Cheap to manufacture = High margins
• Easy and convenient
• Keeps your screen clean
• Hygienic: it protects you while sharing touch screens

Competitive Advantage

There are other products on the market, like the Stylus, but none other are an extension of our body. This new gadget offers a better...

• Price,
• Customization
• Precision and performance
• Comfortable
• One size fits all
• Type one hand, holding the smartphone and having the device on your thumb or finger.