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Sweatshirt With Tie Drawstrings    

Customizable sweatshirt drawstrings that when tied together look just like a neck tie. Add any customized logo or wording to the drawstrings.


This is for ANYONE who ever wears sweatshirts. The inventor has created and patented the ability to customize any drawstrings on any sweatshirt or overshirt. Have your favorite logo, sports team, area code, city, etc. printed on the drawstrings, and simply tie them and watch them turn into a tie! The logo or wording will mesh together. This is the great opportunity for any clothes manufacturer and/or distributor to simply purchase the patent and then simply add the unique drawstring to your existing sweatshirts, and sell your new and improved, even more stylish sweatshirts to your consumers.

Primary Application of the Technology

Clothing Manufacturers, Clothing Distributors

The Problem Solved by the Technology

People who want to look even more stylish in their sweatshirts and want to 'represent' their city, area code, favorite sports team, or anything else!

Competitive Advantage

There is simply no one else who does this, and no one else is allowed to do it! People have been going crazy over this. Almost everyone who wears sweatshirts will want to add this novelty to them.

Comments on Deal Structure, Potential Terms and Restrictions

We're looking to sell the patent outright.

Additional Information

This is a great opportunity for any large clothing manufacturer or distributor!

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