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Heat Therapy Patent    

Treats below-skin tissue via light and heat.


Patents cover the use of light for thermal treatment on the surface of the skin that reaches under the patient's skin to muscle and other tissues while minimizing damage to the skin.

FDA has provided approval to market a product deploying this invention in the United States.

Primary Application of the Technology

Heat treatment for muscles and other tissues.

Patent Summary

U.S. Patent Classes & Classifications Covered in this listing:

Class 606: Surgery

Class 359: Optical: Systems And Elements

Optical elements included in this class are: Lenses; Polarizers; Diffraction gratings; Prisms; Reflectors; Filters; Projection screens; Optical Modulators; Optical Demodulators. Among the optical systems included in this class are: Compound lens systems; Light reflecting signalling systems (e.g., retroreflectors); stereoscopic systems; Binocular devices; Systems of lenticular elements; Systems involving light interference; Glare reducing systems; Light dividing and combining systems; Light control systems (e.g., light valves); building illumination with natural light; Systems for protecting or shielding elements; Optical systems whose operation depends upon polarizing, diffracting, dispersing, reflecting, or refracting light; kaleidoscopes. Further included are certain apertures, closures, and viewing devices of a specialized nature which involve no intentional reflection, refraction, or filtering of light rays. This class also includes optical elements combined with another type of structure(s) to constitute an optical element combined with a nonoptical structure or a perfection or improvement in the optical element.

Subclass 853: Light concentrating (e.g., heliostat, etc.), concave, or paraboloidal structure

Class 607: Surgery: Light,Thermal, And Electrical Application