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Communication protocol for powerline based device monitoring.


The patented technology covers a power line communicating device that has a backup communication channel for when power is down. Where these devices usually communicate over the power channel, having a secondary (example WiFi, cellular, or other communication type) channel is needed for when power is interrupted.

Two modes from monitoring unit to device – first is moduled over AC power signal, second is operable when power signal is not present.

A current component of an AC power signal present on the power line is modulated. A communications protocol for communicating between a monitoring unit and an appliance is also present, the protocol having two modes of operation, the first mode being on-line single direction protocol for communicating from the appliance and to the monitoring unit via modulation of the current component and the second mode being off-line protocol for communicating at least from the monitoring unit to the appliance which second mode is operable only when the power signal is not present between the monitoring unit and the appliance.

Plus a power conversion device that provides an improved efficiency power stage. It operates in a discontinuance conduction mode under the control of a switch. During that mode an oscillation voltage exists across the switch prior to the switch being turned on. The turn-on of the switch occurs at a minimum of the oscillating voltage.

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U.S. Patent Classes & Classifications Covered in this listing:

Class 323: Electricity: Power Supply Or Regulation Systems

This is the generic class for electrical systems wherein a single electrical source is coupled to a single electrical load circuit and means are provided which control the magnitude or level of the current or voltage of either or both of said circuits and/or the phase angle between the current or voltage of either or both of said circuits. This is also the generic class for transformer systems and impedance systems.

Subclass 222: Using choke and switch across source
Subclass 282: Switched (e.g., switching regulators)

Class 370: Multiplex Communications

This is the generic class for multiplexing or duplexing systems, methods, or apparatus.

Subclass 296: Convertible to half duplex
Subclass 463: Details of circuit or interface for connecting user to the network

Class 340: Communications: Electrical

Communications - the handling of information or intelligence, restricted to the conveying of said information or intelligence between geographically spaced points. Information or intelligence is defined as being, matter which is handled by signaling systems or signaling devices (such as telegraph systems) or by that portion of nonsignaling systems or nonsignaling devices (such as power supply systems) which is designated in the arts as having a control function (such as the supervisory circuits which control the circuit breakers of an electric power network). Handling, as used above, is defined as being the active coaction between the tangible communication system or device and the intangible information or intelligence, and such coaction may assume various forms, such as transmission, storage, exhibiting, etc.

Subclass 310.12: Modulation technique
Subclass 310.14: Zero crossing

Class 363: Electric Power Conversion Systems

Conversion systems wherein a single electrical source circuit is coupled to a single electrical load circuit.

Subclass 37: By semiconductor rectifier and inverter
Subclass 65: Having plural converters for single conversion

Class 375: Pulse Or Digital Communications

This is the generic class for pulse or digital communication systems using electrical or electromagnetic signals. Such communication includes transmitting an intelligence bearing signal from one point to another in the form of discrete variations in some parameter of the electrical or electromagnetic signal.