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Comfortable Bed Pan    

A bedpan for use of a patient may include a bottom section to define a cavity for waste and a top section to define a comfortable seat for the patient.


The comfortable bedpan is one that has a cushioned seat portion with a strong bottom support. The bottom (posterior) area has an inclined portion made to move with the patient. The depression (handles) are included at the side, front, or back for easier placement or removal of the bedpan. The front cover may prevent urine or feces from escaping the bedpan; and can be detachable.

The comfortable bedpan solves numerous problems. The bedpan has the benefits of reducing long term health implications such as decubitus ulcers/ other skin problems; kidney and bladder infections; constipation. Decubitus ulcers are one of the major problems in healthcare today and cost millions per year to treat. Assisting the patient by providing a cushion-type seat benefits those who already have interruptions as well. The device makes eliminating more comfortable. The bedpan is a good infection control mechanism because it is a single patient use (the patient gets to keep it as long as they need it).

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