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Accurate Estimate of a Mobile Device's Location    

Through any transmitted signals using an algorithm/business method/software, accurately locate a mobile device in x,y,z or longitude, latitude and elevation.


This patent, in software/algorithm, is used to calculate and can improve the accuracy of devices’, base stations’ position data by utilizing any radio signal transmissions.

The patent implementation does not require further infrastructures/ hardware components to improve the GPS/location coordinates accuracy and navigational functions, i.e, velocity, acceleration, direction.

It can be used in GPS, navigation, indoor positioning, location data applications.

Accuracy improvements can be achieved regardless of the GPS, cellular signal/wifi triangulation technologies and could be implemented on the existing locating technology platform.

The accuracy improvement can provide a competitive edge in the GPS, navigation, mobile devices markets. The technology can be a paradigm shift in location data, mobile advertising strategy.

Primary Application of the Technology

Mobile Devices - GPS, Navigation, "Location Data", "Indoor Positioning".
Consumer Electronics.
Location Data Service Providers.
Data Mining Service Providers.

The Problem Solved by the Technology

The technology solves the positioning accuracy problems based on algorithm, which is far less expansive than using hardware solutions.

How the Technology Solves the Problem

The technology takes into accounts of "trueness" of signals and solves the problem of accuracy.

Competitive Advantage

The patent solves the "trueness" problem in gps or any other locating method by algorithms and hence improves any positioning technology's accuracy.

The seller would like to be granted a license back.

Patent Summary

U.S. Patent Classes & Classifications Covered in this listing:

Class 455: Telecommunications

This is the generic class for modulated carrier wave communications not elsewhere classifiable.

Subclass 404.2: Location monitoring
Subclass 456.2: Based on request signal
Subclass 456.5: At system equipment (i.e., base station)
Subclass 457: Location display
Subclass 67.11: Having measuring, testing, or monitoring of system or part

Class 709: Electrical Computers And Digital Processing Systems: Multicomputer Data Transferring

This class provides for an electrical computer or digital data processing system or corresponding data processing method including apparatus or steps for transferring data or instruction information between a plurality of computers wherein the computers employ the data or instructions before or after transferring and the employing affects said transfer of data or instruction information. The class includes - process or apparatus for transferring data among a plurality of spatially distributed (i.e., situated, at plural locations) computers or digital data processing systems via one or more communications media (e.g., computer networks).

Subclass 203: Compression/decompression