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Novel poly-phase electric generator with switched reluctance    

Electric generator with switched reluctance for more efficient electricity production.


The electric generator - due to the innovative technology design, it provides more electrical power up to 50 % than other electric known generators and also increase the warranty of working life.

Main advantages:

● The necessary mechanical power is significantly lower than the most efficient electric generators known;
● Maximum reliability due to the structural features;
● Low inertia of the rotor due to its simplicity and low weight;
● Universal application;
● It is ideal in submersible applications or in explosive atmosphere.

Primary Application of the Technology

Regenerative energy systems in the "backup" applications with the buffer accumulator battery:

● Vertical axis Wind turbines;
● Water-wheels turbines;

Aerospace or defense, naval, automotive, industry with:

● Inverter technology generators in stationary or mobile sets;
● High-performance Welding generators sets for stationary or mobile applications;
● In explosive atmosphere or submersible applications.

The Problem Solved by the Technology

The technical problem solved by the invention is that it ensures the reduction of the mechanical energy necessary to produce the electric power.

How the Technology Solves the Problem

The technology ensures the reduction of the mechanical energy necessary to produce the electric power by the fact that the resistive mechanical torque is up to 50% less, because it uses a magnetic neutral switch between the inductors poles that creates the induction of the electric current in the stator induced coils, by the switching of routing of the magnetic flux without the relative movement of those, one to another.

The design of the invention also provides an increased reliability by using the neodymium magnets excitation to produce alternating current so that - due to its constructive particularities – is not need to be used brushes on the rotor.

Competitive Advantage

The following performance & advantages resulted from the analysis of tests:

● The braking torque by electric load is reduced up to 50%;
● Self-protection at excess load and short-circuit (owing to constructive geometry);
● Self-regulation of the batteries charging process by the natural characteristic of current limitation;
● Low starting (cogging) torque;
● Brushless rotor excitation.