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A Roof Soaker - an Exterior Fire Suppressant System    

A fire extinguishing roof soaker that can extinguishes flying embers landing on a roof during wildfires, brush fires or forest fires.


The roof soaking technology is a stand alone fire suppressant system with patented fasteners that hold the piping for adequate water or fire retardant to be distributed over the roof area, soffit and walls that will spray out 30 ft. around entire perimeter of structure.

The system is equipped with an infrared tower camera that will detect fires up to 50 miles away. As the fire front approaches the infrared tower camera will activate the system and alert property owner's computer and phones, as well as alert emergency responders. The system is also equipped with automatic generator power.

Primary Application of the Technology

Fire safety, Construction,

The Problem Solved by the Technology

Keeps building and homeowners owners off their roofs attempting to wet them down during a wildfire, it provides people adequate time to evacuate their property while knowing they are taking all precautions to keep their property protected. It gives emergency responders the advantage to concentrate on the fire fronts and it's paths in which less homes would be lost. The technology can help save millions in home repair and replacement costs, help lower insurance premiums and provide peace of mind.

How the Technology Solves the Problem

Sprinklers are preferably used to wet down an area. This results in combustible buildings and landscaping being much less likely to ignite due to flying embers and intense heat from a nearby fire. The soaked structure and landscape releases moisture into the air, this lowers the ambient temperature and increases the humidity in the immediate area. These effects extend some high distances above ground level. The result is that the advancing wildfire will tend to be deflected by the less supported environmental pocket and pass by protected areas.

Competitive Advantage

The soaker system has its own patented fasteners. It is desirable to have a fire suppressant device capable of being mounted on the roof of a building that is maintenance free after installation, which can be installed under roofing materials. Furthermore it is desirable to have a device that does not require any penetration being made in the roofing material. The roof soaker is equipped with an automatic backup generator for power outages, and the water source is not limited to a pool, pond, well, or a water storage tank. The roof soaker is equipped with a security panel that controls the infrared camera on the tower which will alert structure owners via their computer and phones; as well as alerting emergency responders of the situation.

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