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Personal Medical Reminder and Alert System for Medication and Medical Treatment    

Utilizing existing technology application software or create a new application software for all device types (home phones, cell phones, PC’s, tablets, iPads/Pods, etc…)


The technology is a multi-platform software application that sends messages to a person to remind this person, that , “it’s time to take your medications/refill your prescription” or “it is time for a scheduled procedure, or appointment”.

It's our goal is to assist those who forget sometimes, or may have obstacles/impairments in life that can be overcome by this reminder assistance

The number one problem in treating illness today is the failure, by patients, to take prescription medications correctly, regardless of patient age. According to an Institute of Medicine (IOM) report the improper use of prescription medications is the 3rd leading cause of death in the U.S.

75% of patients sometimes fail to take their meds as directed.
33% of prescriptions are never filled.
50% to 60 % of the time, patients with chronic conditions do not take their meds.
33% to 69% of medication-related hospitalizations are linked to drug non adherence.
125,000 patient’s deaths each year are linked to drug compliance.
Almost $300 billion is spent annually on care needed because of medication noncompliance.


Tactics to Improve Drug Compliance

"Improving medication adherence is a highly efficient strategy for doing quality improvement," says Dr. Choudhry, assistant professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School in Massachusetts. "We don't need to pay to get a new drug developed or a new therapy prescribed. We just have to find a way to get people to take the medications they've already been prescribed."


Here is where our Personal Medical Reminder application comes in to play. It tackles the major problems that the IOM found, and it also attacks cost, and recyclables.

How the Technology Solves the Problem

Our technology is a unique and out of the norm way of providing assistance with taking prescribed medication and "over the counter" medications. While informational commercials sometimes provide a wealth of information about a drug, they do not provide information about how and when to properly administer the drugs. This results in the user not knowing the effects these drugs have on their prescribed medications. Our personal medical reminder system is designed to bring together the client (Patient) and the Pharmacy/Doctors/Healthcare provider to work together for the good of the health of the Patient. Our technology provides a couple of differences/advantages that other medicine reminders do not have:
- we have built-in messaging for a standard or structured response needed depending on the clients. If no response. (Call family member, Pharmacy, Dr.’s, or emergency services)

- we have the only medicine/procedure that has built in VISUAL AIDS on the Pill bottle, Doctor/Pharmacy Notes, and Schedule to assist those that have or beginning to have vision impairments, or just to make all documents, (labels, schedule, and Dr. /Pharmacy Notes) simple to read and follow. This is also displayed on capable devices.

Competitive Advantage

Our software application is designed to give a short informational message, to a user/client to address - direct the medications, procedures you have been prescribed, directed by your doctor to take or do for your health.

The detailed doses of the medicine or a procedure a person is to take or do during a 24 hour clock.

Notes on Sales Status

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