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Swing Golf Training Tool    

Multifunctional training tool for numerous practice positions which include: alignment, ball position, swing plane, proper weight transfer and much more


The multifunctional golf training tool that players can use for all areas of their golf game. The telescoping rods allow for numerous practice positions which include: alignment, ball position, swing plane, proper weight transfer and much more. The golf training tool can be used to “master” your short game as well. Learn the proper alignment for chip shots, practice consistent putting strokes or work on short pitches…..your call! Use the multifunctional adjustable golf tool for all your practice sessions and you will see those shots and scores start to immediately improve.

The apparatus folds up, so is compact and can be stored in a provided plastic case that you can store under your golf bag so it’s always ready for use.

The Benefits of the golf training tool:

1) Most golfers have poor fundamentals, especially alignment and ball position. The product allow you to have consistent practice sessions where you can learn a better routine for picking your target, walking into the shot and placing the ball in the right position for the driver, irons and short pitches.

2) Almost all amateurs need practice chipping. The product provides you the tool to have a consistent open stance, narrow feet and proper ball position. Good chipping can be the root of lower scores and the consistent use of the product will most certainly help you achieve your goals faster.

3) If you struggle with the putter the product helps you with better alignment practices as well as a track that allows for a consistent equal size back-swing and through-swing. It is great for those pesky short putts known as “knee knockers”.

When we talk about the golf swing you will notice one word that we mention over and over and that is the word consistent. If you want to be better it takes practice. If you want to practice to become better you need a consistent routine just like you would when you visit the workout center. Golf is no different! If you want to improve you have to consistently practice the proper things and the product will help you do this each time you visit the practice facility.

Primary Application of the Technology

Primary application for this technology is for golfers to practice their different swings and to develop consistent shots for any and all swings

The Problem Solved by the Technology

It solves the problem of inconsistent shots by having a easy to use, portable, and unique alignment tool to have anytime when you play golf.

How the Technology Solves the Problem

Compared to traditional tools our product is very easy to use, portable, and quick to setup.

Competitive Advantage

Mobile, versatile, and higher quality

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Class 473: Games Using Tangible Projectile

Apparatus or means relating to the type of amusement, recreational, or play activities commonly known as games or sports (a) in which one or more players or participants use a ball, missile, stream of water, or any other such body which occupies physical space and can be touched and thereby felt by the one or more players or participants (i.e., a tangible body) such that, during play of a game or sport, the ball, missile, or other such tangible body is thrown, rolled, shoved, impelled, propelled, projected, or otherwise put into motion by a nonexplosive force so as to achieve an objective set forth by rules defined for the particular game or sport and (b) wherein the result of playing such a game or sport can be indicated according to rules defined for the particular game or sport.

Subclass 218: Foot positioning aid and indicator associated with swingable implement
Subclass 272: Selectively adjustable with pivotal members
Subclass 273: Selectively adjustable with linearly slidable member (e.g., telescopically extendible)