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Intelligent Talking Kettle    

Microprocessor controlled voice emulation stove top tea kettle with voiced alerts


This kettle is the first in its class offering a means to preset the temperatures for the ideal temperature without wasting time or energy.

The Problem Solved by the Technology
Enabling the presetting of temperatures within a container such as Stove Top Kettle or AC cordless Kettle with voiced prompts , LED Seven Segment Display, interval Alerting pre settable in 5, 10, 15, 20 or 25 degrees prior to reaching the desired target temperature.

How the Technology Solves the Problem
The Tea Kettle or AC Cordless kettles currently on the market offers very little with respect to adjusting the actual container to a preferred temperature for heating up water for tea, coco etc . Several products has bits and pieces of various technologies wherein one AC Cordless kettle my buzz once water reaches boiling point, another AC Kettle my have adjustable temperatures with LED display wherein in the third AC Kettle allows you to preset temperatures with no LED display. However in the current Stove Top kettle market no such device exist that has an LED Display, Adjustable Temperature ranges from 120 � 212 degrees Fahrenheit and interval alerting advising the user of the exact temperature before the set desired temperature in addition to selectable voice emulation prompts or alerts in any language desired.

Primary Application of the Technology

The talking kettle is ideal for consumers who wish to interact with their appliance and select a definitive choice of water temperatures for a variety of beverages.

Other Potential Applications

The design and patent could be deployed in a AC cordless kettles, hot water dispensers, coffee machines, espresso machines, etc.

Competitive Advantage

This kettle offers affordable technology to the end user allowing a consumer to have the desired temperatures without waiting or wondering, having the perfect cup of tea without waiting for the water to cool down to it�s proper steeping temperatures or having to wait for a beverage to hot which occurs in many situations to cool down for consumption. This kettle addresses all of these factors and offers to those who have poor vision or no vision a definite means of setting there beverages as we with vision perform daily.

Comments on Deal Structure, Potential Terms and Restrictions

Exclusive or non-exclusive terms can be arranged.

Exclusive or Non Exclusive terms can be arranged and depending upon region of other various countries
Offering licensing of :

A. Pending Patent
B. Trademark Usage Worldwide
C. Handle (Stove Top Kettle ) design with Universal usage application in any such as Stainless Steel Kettle

The seller may consider selling these patents individually.

Frequently Asked Questions

Pricing: Our vendors have positively advised the Stove Top Kettle with all of the components necessary could be manufactured in Mainland China for under $8.88 00 USD for:
A. Stove Top Kettle

B. AC Cordless Kettle

C. Handle Assembly (for Stove Top) under $ 2.75 USD in China

Development Status - Working Prototype of the Stove Top Kettle , AC Cordless Kettle design applications in progress. Concept can additionally be used in such as Rice Cookers, Hot Water Dispensers etc.

Technology Dependencies - The technology thus developed has not been tested on third party platforms � the handle assembly invented will however fit into any existing stainless steel kettle on the market . Handle assembly for the Stove Top Kettle new and novel Spout Locking mechanism by at least one magnet.

Additional Information

Phase 1 is the generic stove top kettle which advises the internal temperature of water being heated

Phase 2 will be comprised of an AC Cordless kettle, other functions entail advising the user as to the amount of time to reach the required temperature based on water volume and atmospheric pressure, atomic clock , additional information can be obtained by reading the Patent Publication or PCT publication

IP Information
A. United States Patent Pending in the United States and 124 countries Patent Pending worldwide
B. Trademark Application