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Folding Box Trailer    

A heavy duty domestic trailer which compacts to less than one metre for storage


Small trailers attached to automobiles are common and are typically used for recreational and industrial use for transporting a variety of different goods.

For example, these types of trailers are often used to haul small boats, motorcycles, lawnmowers, building equipment and other miscellaneous items. In general, the dimensions of these types of trailers range from 6′ long×5′ wide to 8′ long×5′ wide, and may include more than one wheel axle. The principle behind the folding trailer can be applied to any appropriately sized trailer having one or more wheel axles, it allows the trailer to be folded into a compact size for convenient storage when not required.

The standard box trailer folds up to just a third of its size for easy storage. The trailer takes roughly one minute to fold and, once folded, can easily and safely be wheeled into position by one person using the extra jockey wheel for added stability. With a footprint 3 times smaller than that of a conventional box trailer, there's room in the garage for a car AND a trailer.

An award winning low tech high return product ready for the market.

Competitive Advantage

No parts to remove or unbolt.
Easy and quick to fold and unfold.
Compact for storage,

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Subclass 639: Folding
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