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Technology for Sale:

Pain Diagnosis & Case Management System for Self Insured Companies, and Reinsurance Companies    

Sophisticated web-based software system for sale, with documented 50% savings on workers compensation costs.


System consists of two tests. The first test tells if a patient has a valid complaint of pain with 95% accuracy, and who will not have a valid complaint of pain with 85%-100% accuracy. Designed to be an in-house case management tool, and the objective data is what is taken to court to defend against a claim. Using “ predictive analytics,” the test helps an insurance adjuster pin-point which claimant should have fraud investigation, on an objective basis, rather than less objective, and more expensive, current methods.

The Problem Solved by the Technology

Chronic pain symptoms claimants are often misdiagnosed and this proves costly in terms of medical insurance and workers compensation costs.

How the Technology Solves the Problem

The second Internet test is an expert system which more accurately diagnoses chronic pain and results in reduced medication, reduced doctor visits and increased return-to-work rates, with resultant cost savings

Primary Application of the Technology

Specific markets (verticals) for the tests are workers compensation, auto insurance carriers, property and casualty companies, self insured companies and reinsurance companies

The world-wide patient populations for neuropathic and nociceptive pain are large, and are driven by separate disease trends that necessitate pain relief. Across the seven major markets in 2005 it was estimated that 37,600,000 individuals suffered from neuropathic pain and 170,100,000 suffered from nociceptive pain. This puts the market at over 200,000,000 chronic pain suffers in just the seven major markets alone (US, Japan, Germany, Italy, Spain, France and the UK). The global pharmaceutical market for medications related to pain relief was valued at $36,661,000,000 in 2005.

Data from the 1998 “NIH Guide: New Directions in Pain Research” says that the annual economic impact of pain experienced by the U.S. workforce, in terms of pain management and pain-related productivity, was more than $100 billion annually. A 2008 study found that care for lower back pain alone, not including other pain conditions and not just limited to workers, amounted to nearly $86 billion per year.

Notes on Development Status

The system is fully developed and operating successfully. The system has been developed by leading medical experts, tested and adopted by leading universities and medical centers.