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Interchangeable Multipurpose Portable Cooking Apparatus    

A portable cooking apparatus offers 10 separate functions, including stove, grill, slow cooker, steamer, poacher, chip fryer, fondue, smoker, bain marie, Chinese wok, optional heater or light fitting.


The product is a convenient, portable cooking apparatus which is the first in the world to offer 10 functions separately. Depending on the arrangement of the apparatus, this product can operate as a single-eye stove, a grill, a slow cooker, a steamer, a poacher a chip fryer, a fondue, a smoker, a bain marie or a Chinese wok/Barbeque plate. With only small modifications the gas unit can be used as a lighting device or heater.

The product can either be powered by electricity or gas at present. It fits compactly into a wheeled bag.

Primary Application of the Technology

Any market related to cooking or catering

Competitive Advantage

This product irradicates the need for 10 different kitchen/cooking appliances to do the work and therefore saves on space and cost

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U.S. Patent Classes & Classifications Covered in this listing:

Class 99: Foods And Beverages: Apparatus

Apparatus for preparing, treating and preserving substances (foods) intended to be eaten and drunk by human beings, or animals for their nourishment and not provided for elsewhere.

Subclass 339: Diverse cooker types
Subclass 340: Convertible
Subclass 357: Combined
Subclass 417: Superposed or steaming
Subclass 449: Collapsible, expansible or sectional support