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Retractable Safety Syringe    

Needle retractable safety syringe will replace regular syringes soon, due to its function to avoid blood transmitted diseases from healthcare and other settings.


Needlestick injuries transmit infectious diseases, especially blood-borne viruses. In recent years, concerns about AIDS, hepatitis B, hepatitis C has prompted research to find out why these injures occur and to development measures to prevent them. Despite published guidelines and training programs, needlestick injuries remain an ongoing problem.

A retractable safety syringe can prevent occupational exposure to blood-borne pathogens, from accidental sharp injures in healthcare and other occupational and non-occupational settings.

- From a design perspective, there is no add-on pieces, permanently disabled, no aerosolization, needle withdraws into the barrel.

- From an economical point of view, it has potential to reduce waste disposal cost, accurate dose with minimal dead space. Reduces hazardous waste volume. Reduce cost associated with needlestick.

- From a user friendly view point, no change in clinical technique, no obstructing parts, looks and functions like a traditional syringe. Minimal training and supervision required, optimal low-angle injection.

This is a safety syringe which can be made with 100% automated assemble machine. Therefore, manufacturing costs are low, and increases in the production capacity would be simple.

Competitive Advantage

Other similar products have leaking problem.

Exchangeable needle configuration - you can draw medicine and injection with different needle.

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