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External Cylinder Packer Head/Piston    

A packer head/piston with hydraulic cylinders outside of the charge chamber/cylinder.


This technology was primarily invented for the waste and recycling field, but can have other uses as well.

Current waste compaction designs have the cylinders inside of the packer head causing the pins to sieze up and hoses to burst more frequently. It is a very hazardous work environment and is more costly to repair. This design allows the cylinders to be outside of the packer head for easier access posing less health risks when making repairs and preventing the parts from wearing out as fast. It also allows the repairs to be made quickly and more cheaply.

Primary Application of the Technology

Compactors, Balers
Waste and recycling industry

How the Technology Solves the Problem

This design makes repairs to the equipment cheaper and less time consuming - saving the customer money and downtime, as well as eliminating previous health risks involved for the technicians servicing the equipment.

Competitive Advantage

Current compaction systems have the cylinders inside the packer head causing premature damage to the seals, rods and hoses as well as causing the pins to seize in place. They are also in a confined space which combine with siezed pins make cylinder changes very difficult and time consuming, and therefore making them very costly. The patented technology provides for a new design that eliminates all of these problems, and also eliminates the health risks involved, saving customers money and downtime.

Comments on Deal Structure, Potential Terms and Restrictions

Possibly sell patent with a license back or license the patent to a potentiel buyer whichever is preferred.

The seller would like to be granted a license back.

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Class 100: Presses

Apparatus for subjecting material to compressive force by (a) causing solid surfaces to approach one another while the material is between them, (b) compelling the material to move through a constriction, or (c) by rendering a flexible member taut around the material. This class is the generic class for methods and apparatus for binding material with a flexible filament, strand or band; methods in which material is pressed to compact it to a smaller volume; methods and apparatus for pressing a lid against a receptacle; silos combined with means to compact ensilage within them; presses with a duct or collector for liquid flowing from the material as a result of the pressing; devices for removing from the material a cloth in which the material has been compacted; methods and apparatus for crushing hollow metal bodies such as tin cans, automobile bodies, etc.