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U.S. Patent Classes & Classifications Covered in this listing:

Class 280: Land Vehicles

Vehicles, adapted to travel on land and not elsewhere classified. The term "vehicle" includes some form of running gear as an essential element, which running gear usually supports a load carrier, but may support a load directly, and adapts the vehicle to move over a surface. The basic purpose of those devices commonly called vehicles is the carrying of a load, either freight or passengers, from one place to another. The idea of towing a load, as by locomotives, traction engines, or tractors, has also long been associated with the term "vehicle."

Subclass 166: Shiftable

Class 182: Fire Escape, Ladder, Or Scaffold

(1) structures supported in spaced relation to the earth"s surface for supporting a workman adjacent a structure being worked on, (2) means for climbing comprising a stile having steps or rungs, (3) means ancillary to normal egress means to traverse a vertical distance to facilitate quick escape from a structure in case of emergency not elsewhere provided for and (4) torso harness, for rescue or escape operations, with or without a tether anchored to the work or to a worker"s support.

Subclass 84: Movable platform with movable ladder