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Sewer - The Last Unmetered Utility    

Innovative wastewater flow meter allows long term metering and billing for sewer utility services.


Patented wastewater flow meter allows industries and sewer utilities to meter and bill for actual flows to sewer service providers. Also useful in on site septic system flow monitoring for design capacity verification and flow based maintenance programs.

Sewer systems are the last unmetered public utility. Sewer systems are also the least profitable public utilities. Sewer metering can increase system efficiencies and increase system billing revenues.

Primary Application of the Technology

- Sewer utilties
- Wastewater utilities
- Environmental compliance

The Problem Solved by the Technology

This flow meter is capable of metering fluids containing solids or particulate materials which clog conventional water meters. This metering system can be used to directly measure wastewater flow streams. This allows quantitative analysis (and billing for) of flow streams which were previously thought to be immeasurable.

Other metering technologies capable of monitoring wastewater flows are electronic in nature and require large amounts of power for continuous operation. Our technology is very low power and can be battery operated for years on a single "C" cell size battery.

How the Technology Solves the Problem

This technology allows sewer utilities to bill for the actual amount of sewer services provided. It is also useful in sewer infilitration/inflow studies (wastewater leakage and efficiency studies). Also could be used to implement flow based maintenance programs in onsite septic tank based wastewater treatment systems.

Competitive Advantage

This technology is:

1. The first metering technology capable of long term sewer metering.
2. No external power requirements
3. Superior flow measurement in no flow and low flow conditions
4. Scalable to meter flow amounts of any size desired.
5. Will not cause system backups or blockages.
6. Field proven with over five years of actual usage in the target market.

One day all buildings will have a sewer service meter - just as they now all have a water meter. This technology is a prime candidate for such a use.

Comments on Deal Structure, Potential Terms and Restrictions

This technology and one design based upon it has been in use in actual municipal sewer systems for the last five years. It is field proven technology. Seeking an entity to license or purchase the technology for manufacture and distribution in the marketplace.

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