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Fluid Driven Chiller System    

This system can be used to cool down any machinery from nuclear power plants to ice cream machines.


This is a closed loop chiller system for cooling industrial machinery (for example, an ice cream machinery), or to be used for air conditioning systems, outdoor building machinery that needs to be cooled by fluids, medical devices etc.

One major advantage of this device is that it's easy to manufacture, since it relies on existing equipment that are assembled in order to create it.

Other advantages are the instantaneous powerful cooling capacity this chiller has - 3 times stronger than other models with the same capacity and this is proven by comparison tests.

-- ease of it's maintenance,
-- its size to efficiency applicability (small size compared to other systems),
-- its very low electric consumption; and
-- its mobility.

This is a real breakthrough in refrigeration field.

Primary Application of the Technology

Any machinery that needd to be cooled down by fluids, like air conditioning units, ice cream machines, thermal power plants...This system can be used indoor and outdoor unlike other chiller systems.

The Problem Solved by the Technology

It can be used for machines and plants that need high cooling response.

How the Technology Solves the Problem

It is the fastest system in cooling response. It can cool down a machine 3 times faster than other systems with the same capacity and this is proven by tests.

Competitive Advantage

This technology is easy and cheap to manufacture and can be sold at very competitive prices.

Comments on Deal Structure, Potential Terms and Restrictions

To be negotiated.

The seller may consider selling these patents individually.

Additional Information

Proven technology - prototype available.
The invention has successfully been in use in an ice cream factory for two years.