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Glow Home Decor    

Renewable Energy


The only window fashions that 'change appearance due to there light surroundings'. Our window fashions appear normal during the day,...then, at night they transform into glowing wonders of beauty! creating a warm glow that is aesthetically appealing, Residential, Commercial, Advertisement/Signage, RV's, Marine & More!

Primary Application of the Technology

Residential, Commercial, Safety Egress, Marine, RV's, Advertisement

The Problem Solved by the Technology

Low lighting safety

How the Technology Solves the Problem

The products utilize any light source to store light energy, then emit the light blackout when it's dark. In-fact, the darker the space becomes, the brighter the glow.

Competitive Advantage

Enhance Your Decor! Make yourself a personal peaceful room to relax in with our soft glow - light-up the game room, put a night light in the bathroom and basement, make a designated safety escape window with our bright glow, non-toxic, and non-radioactive / Free of any Hazardous Materials.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The glow last a lifetime, and can last as long as needed, new technologies allow bright glows of over 12 hours and charge from either a natural or UN-natural light source.

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Class 160: Flexible Or Portable Closure, Partition, Or Panel

Devices in the form of one or more flexible panel unit; for plural strips, slats, or panels interconnected for relative motion; or partitions, including those completely rigid and/or portable, in the form of portable partitioning panel units. Combinations the above, with rigid panel units, including rigid closures, or with other structure not elsewhere provided. Flexible panel units are considered to be all those in which a flexible fabric or other flexible sheet material forms the panel portion, even though it may have a rigid frame, rigid enforcements, rigid support means for one or more edges thereof, or combinations of these features.

Subclass 166.1: Venetian blind type
Subclass 236: Strip or slat structure
Subclass 238: ROLL TYPE

Class 40: Card, Picture, Or Sign Exhibiting

Means for displaying information by printed or painted cards, calendars, photographic transparency viewers, railroad train station indicators, pictures, labels or tags or index files. Picture frames and stands for supporting pictures are also included. Albums are included in subclasses Changing exhibitors, Hinged leaves; Changing exhibitors, Pivoted plates, and in Picture frames, Mats, Mounts and backs, Pocketed. Such station-indicators as change the reading matter displayed are included under the several subclasses of Changing exhibitors.

Subclass 542: Luminescent