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Electrical Box Wire Shield    

An electrical box or lighting fixture that helps to prevent fires caused by a short circuit, the box protects the wires.


This attachment can be used to protect electrical wires from being pierced by a screw while installing electrical components such as thermostats, light fixtures, exit signs, etc. It requires no tools, no assembly, and minimum of labour time. This added safety feature could help negotiate lower insurance prices.

Primary Application of the Technology

Electrical industry. Installation of metal electrical and junction boxes. Installation of electrical fixtures (light, exit signs, thermostats, etc.)

The Problem Solved by the Technology

This attachement will prevent fires caused by short circuit inside electrical box.

How the Technology Solves the Problem

Superior solution is provided by a simple design and minimum labour time for installation of attachement.

Competitive Advantage

At the moment, there is no alternative for this attachement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is it easy to produce?
A. The attachment can be made from sheet metal or plastic. The design is very simple, which will keep the production cost low.

Q. What is the benefit for the installer/manufacturer?
A. Using this attachment can help negotiate insurance prices with underwriting laboratories.