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Remote Controlled Beach Cooler    

Remote controlled cooler that glides across any surface, specifically designed to reflect the consumers’ individuality.


This beach cooler is unique in the sense that it powers it's self effortlessly, as opposed to pulling a standard cooler across the sand. Army "tank like" wheels tread all terrain for a multi-purpose (camping, fishing, hunting) use. Its body is suggested to simulate your favorite automotive design, much like a giant remote controlled car, each one individualized to the consumers’ specifications. Cooler is equipped with a refrigerated compartment, dry storage, working headlights for nighttime use, and built-in radio & TV. The cooler is battery operated and the remote control is conveniently stored in the grill's cavity, which locks via four-digit combination, eliminating need for monitoring as well as the possibility of an "app" as a second controlling device. Two models can be made to accommodate families and single users.

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