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Wind & Solar Powered media signs with e-Paper Displays    

Sustainable outdoor digital media, highly visible, energy neutral or power positive, digital streetpole banners, VAWT windmills


Outdoor digital media-signs with bistable reflective displays, on moving and or flexible surfaces. Optionally capturing wind and solar power. With smart audience and weather sensors. Smart City media providing highly daylight visible, likeable media formats for outdoor advertising, traffic signs, city dressing and events.

- Broad set of applications, like billboards, roadsigns, rotors &
- Power banners: Flexible bistable displays integrated into streetpole banners, powering wifi, sensors or LED street lights.

Primary Application of the Technology

Product potential under the patent claims encompass
● billboards with flexible surfaces,
● banners, street banners,
● rotors, windmills, rotating signs, street wind signs
● traffic signs, mounted on holders

A highly disruptive market opportunity = digital display-banners (outdoor vertical flags) with flexible bi-stable displays, integrated wind harvesting and flexible solar cells. Fitted as street banners these deliver energy for energy neutral street lighting, saving power, costs and carbon emission.

● Smart city - smart grid networks, LED streetlighting
● DOOH, Digital outdoor advertising
● Retail, POS, museum , road signage
● Dynamic traffic signage: adjustable sensored speed traffic signs, powered by wind and sun
● Event marketing, sport marketing
● city dressing

The Problem Solved by the Technology

Smart Cities are permanently innovating to become more livable, competitive and sustainable. As the world urbanizes, cities struggle to balance the demands of their populations— for place, energy and information. Outdoor signs and advertising are important parts of the urban landscape and catalyst for economic growth. But digitization (like LED displays) firmly increases power /light pollution of signage. Governments, consumers and advertisers demand appealing, green advertising solutions

This patent helps OOH networks to improve visibility, sustainability and attractiveness of DOOH media. It reduce powerusage, cuts powerbills and may even lead to positive power ROI. The patent delivers multiple applications for connected, smart, sensored, self powered media on PRIME VISIBLE LOCATIONS, like latern posts on boulevards and retail locations.

• Improve visibility by movement
• Improve likability by using banner form factor
• Reduce power cost for networks and municipalities
• Reduce CO2 emission
• Improve awareness of green – smart cities
• Speed up ROI and enable the adaption of LED streetlight infrastructure

How the Technology Solves the Problem

1. Use of moving (and / or flexible) media-surfaces, for improved integration and attention.
2. Use of reflective displays for optimal visibility in daylight
3. Use of bistable displays for ultra low power usage
4. Power-harvesting of wind energy (generators, rotation AND piezo electronics films)
5. Power generation with (flexible) solarcells, for improved stability
6. Sensors (motion, position, proximity) for optimizing visual impressions and power output
7. IP and RF Network capabilities for dataupdates

One of the very potential form factor of the invention are flexible, digital banners (vertical flags)
The oldest identity medium in the world becomes a digital updatable screen, that fits in traditional cities, yet is fit for enabling communication in this digital age.

Infringement benefit: bistable displays are often conceived with solar power. By combining wind and solar a redundant power set up is created as well as a valuable patent position alternative.

Competitive Advantage

Power generating signs, bistable displays will facilitate competitive market for sustainable signage - the patents facilitates energy neutral “always-on” signage. By combining wind and solar power, a generation of digital outdoor media are feasible that are power positive, delivering surplus power back to the grid.

Additional Information

EU patent application is approved and patent will be granted.
Buyers should be capable of interaction with EPO authorities
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