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Wireless System for Pathology and Telemedicine    

A proprietary biomarker connects cytopathology, digital imaging, and telemedicine (both wired and wireless) into a system for fast, accurate and low cost medical diagnostics


A system for mobile telecytopathology was made available by invention of two tools: Standard color calibration Filter and Universal Adapter. The system enables fast, accurate and low-cost exchange of image files from the Point-of-Care to distant medical centers, thus making global health concept achievable. Once the feasibility of the System was confirmed, we conceived the idea of global networking using this System as a basis for multiple local, regional and global IT Telehealth centers connected in one dedicated and secure network. The difference between our System and currently available products on the market is our multiple Apps, each dedicated to special medical diagnostic protocols.

Primary Application of the Technology

Healthcare providers involved in: Mass cancer screening and management of cancer patients, medical device industry manufacturing in vitro diagnostics, instruments (microscopes, mobile phones, digital cameras, computers), hardware and software.

Media and IT communication for research and education.

The Problem Solved by the Technology

Telepathology has not reached its full potential because of the necessity to have a specialist at the Point-of Care to make decision about the limited number of suspect pathological/cytological images to be sent to experts for final diagnosis. It has been rather used for occasional consultation and education, not for everyday routine diagnosis. In our System, specialists are not required at the Point-of-Care!

How the Technology Solves the Problem

Medical Diagnostic Protocol have changed cytopathology to make it amenable for digital imaging. Microscopic Adapter has enables wireless cellphone cameras to capture, store and forward series of still images and videos at convenient time. Color Calibration Standard have bridged the differences between analog and digital colors. More information after signing NDA.

Competitive Advantage

The three unique and most important advantages that make this System competitive on health and IT markets are Medical Diagnostic Protocol, Universal Adapter and the Color Calibration Filter. These products intertwine between input and output units of different telemedicine systems (products and processes), make exchange of digital imaging medical information between Point-of-Care and remote center easy, low-cost and available for world-wide usage. As a Unit, our System could be made infrastructure independent.
The proprietary parts of this System, like Medical Diagnostic Protocol Software, the Universal Adapter or the Color Calibration Filter , because of their potentials for multiple uses are considered for individual sale.

The seller would like to be granted a license back.

The seller may consider selling these patents individually.