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Constant Torque IC Engine    

Unlike existing engines producing sine wave torque, this engine produces maximum possible torque continuously.


In all IC engines built so far, the reciprocating motion of the connecting rod is converted in to rotary motion for wheel through crankshaft. This was most appropriate technology when the engine was invented. However, with continuously rising fuel prices around the world, many attempts are being made for improving engine efficiency.

1. The torque generated is always in a sine wave form.
2. Although, fuel combustion exerts tremendous force on piston from TDC to BDC (can be considered constant for any particular power stroke); all of it is never converted in to desired torque. When piston is near TDC or BDC, the force is wasted in compressing / stretching crankshaft radial arms towards / away from crankshaft bearings. Due to this repetitive cyclic force, crankcase is required to be designed adequately strong & robust for bearing non converted force from Pistons.
3. Due to sine wave nature of torque conversion, maximum torque is available only at crankshaft rotation at multiples of 90 deg. For all other times, the torque available is less than maximum possible.
4. For a 4 cylinder engine with cranks placed at 90 deg. apart & firing order 1,3,2,4; cylinder 1 (say) has power stroke from 0 deg. to 180 deg.of crankshaft rotation; then other cylinders will fire as under
• Cylinder 1: 0 deg. to 180 deg..
• Cylinder 3: 180 deg. to 360 deg..
• Cylinder 2: 270 deg. to 450 deg..
• Cylinder 4: 450 deg. to 630 deg..
For cylinder 1, next power stroke starts at 720 deg. only & hence it can be seen that from 630 deg. to 720 deg., there is no power available in any of the cylinders. Engine has to cross this zone only by means of inertia of the over all system.

Considering all these disadvantages, we developed a new concept in IC engine, to overcome all the disadvantages.

1. This engine produces constant torque over all positions of crankshaft rotation. The torque wave is a rectangular one.
2. The torque is comparable to that of an electric motor.
3. As no force from piston is wasted in exerting undue force on crankshaft bearings, crankcase design can be made relatively lighter.
4. Torque available is equal to maximum possible torque of existing sine wave torque at 90 deg. multiples.
5. This engine can be easily made in existing plants since it is only an addition / modification of components, & rearrangement of existing engine using already proven components else where.
6. No new technology yet to be tested is used for this invention.
7. Work done per power stroke of engine will be almost 55% higher than that in an existing sine wave IC engine.
8. This leads to tremendous increase of engine efficiency and milage from vehicle.
9. This Engine can be used for all IC engine applications at present.
10. This Engine can be used for all 2-stroke 4-stroke engines running on any fuel.
11. The investment made for developing, buying this technology will enable the buyer to claim carbon credits.
12. Due to higher power available, existing 2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th gear ratios can be used for 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th gear for vehicles fitted with the invented engine. 5th Gear can have more over drive & suitable gear ratio can be easily devised.

Primary Application of the Technology

All users of IC Engine are potential users of this technology including automobile, 2 wheelers, 4 wheelers, transport vehicles, trucks, buses, ship, DG Sets, engine driven all applications etc.

The Problem Solved by the Technology

This engine will give torque similar to that of an Electric Motor. Engine will be smoother, quiter having less vibrations yet will give more power / work done per unit of fuel consumed.

How the Technology Solves the Problem

IC Engines have stood the test of times, they have remained similar since their invention as far as mechanism below pistons are concerned; comprising of connecting rod and crank shaft. No one has so far thought limitations caused by this peculiar geometry giving sine wave torque.
TEJJ IC engine is designed for over coming these limitations & offer several advantages over existing system.

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