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Enzymatic diagnostic test for SARS and other viral diseases    

Rapid detection of an active pathogen's enzyme in the host. Technology allows the detection of dangerous viruses, to prevent the spread of pandemics through airports planes and public places.


The present invention is directed towards methods, compositions and kits for testing for a virus in a sample:

The methods determine the presence of a viral enzyme by contacting the sample with a peptidal compound capable of being cleaved by the viral enzyme to form peptidal compound fragments.

Detection of a peptidal compound fragment confirms the presence of the virus (Nidovirus and Picornavirus families).

Primary Application of the Technology

Rapid detection of corona viruses (SARS), picornariruses (rhinovirus, meningitis, polio, coxaci) , and influenza (H5N1, swine flu)

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Class 435: Chemistry: Molecular Biology And Microbiology

This class provides for the following subject matter when not provided for elsewhere: A process of using a microorganism or enzyme to synthesize a chemical product. A process of treating a material with a microorganism or enzyme to separate, liberate, or purify a preexisting substance. An in vitro process of measuring and testing in which: (1) A microorganism or enzyme is used to determine the presence or identity of a compound or composition in a sample; (2) A microorganism is identified by propagation; (3) An enzyme is identified by its catalytic activity; (4) The presence of microorganisms is detected; (5) A live microorganism is used in an antigen antibody test as an antigen; (6) Fixed or stabilized nonliving microorganisms, cells, or tissues are involved. A process of propagating a microorganism. A process in which the genetic structure of a microorganism or extrachromosomal genetic structure is altered. A process of organ or tissue maintenance. A process of mashing or malting. Microorganisms, per se, or the subcellular parts thereof. Enzymes, immobilized enzymes or enzyme containing compositions not otherwise provided for and the processes for purifying enzymes or forming immobilized enzymes. Compositions claimed or solely disclosed as for the propagation of microorganisms or for measuring and testing processes. Using microorganisms to destroy hazardous or toxic waste.

Subclass 5: Involving virus or bacteriophage
Subclass 7.72: Assay in which a label present is an enzyme substrate or substrate analogue
Subclass 23: Involving proteinase
Subclass 24: Involving peptidase