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New Multimedia Advertisement Tool    

A new multimedia advertisement tool, a multimedia box which is a complex advertising/marketing tool for custom POS, business.


Classic advertisement is dying. Traditional advertising elements of marketing mix (e.g. flyers, promotional SMS, etc.), used on their own, do not reach the appropriate stimulus threshold most of the time. The objective of this invention was to integrate the traditional and guerrilla marketing elements in a way to create a qualitatively new and efficient advertising tool. At present, no other multimedia box of similar complexity is available on the market.

The given technology facilitates the application of advertising/marketing access methods, available separately so far and generally used independently of each other, in a complex way. It unites the traditional Bluetooth advertising function with Wi-Fi technology and other multimedia functions (audio and visual display, connectivity and control of peripheral units such as displays, "Magic Mirror", etc.). The compound hardware elements of the system are integrated by innovative software. The individual tools can be integrated on a network level and can be managed online on a system level.

Primary Application of the Technology

• Complex advertising/marketing tool for custom POS, business or system level commercial advertising use.
• Complex information tool for business, public administration, tourism, etc. use.

Competitive Advantage

• Bluetooth messages are forwarded parallel through several dozens of channels to Bluetooth-enabled devices in any file format.
• A sophisticated and reliable Bluetooth system.
• Wi-Fi – Bluetooth synchronization (to access less “Bluetooth-friendly” devices), with authorization configuration options.
• 17" touch-screen display (and at the same time control) interface, built-in speakers.
• Connectivity of peripheral units (LCD displays, “Magic Mirror”).
• System level, online manageability.

Notes on Development Status

The device is available on a prototype level and is under continuous upgrade.