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Technique for Identifying and Registering Entities    

Advanced number-search and information services based on a (SOA) domain architecture


A method for implementation of identification code systems in a DNS (Domain Name System), providing domains + web pages, and services to clients. Essentially this means that all kind of identification code systems (like telephone numbers, isbn or social security numbers) exclusively can be implemented as a domain name(number or code) system. This can be done in sub-domain or under a special TLD (Top Level Domain) and further with a linked data-page providing information and services.

Example: An ISBN ID code like 9789027490575 will (automatically) provide a domain name like or www.9789027490575.isbn. This is a universal (SOA) dns solution, easy to search numbers (and linked information) and perfect for cloud data storage and (SAAS) service providing.

Primary Application of the Technology

Primary applications for identification and services are based on
-Telephone numbers / telephone identification
-Book numbers / Book identification (ISBN)
-Product numbers / Product identification (EAN, Barcode.....)
-Car numbers / Car identification

The Problem Solved by the Technology

Easy identification-data and number search based on already well known structures and information.

How the Technology Solves the Problem

It is easier to find domains and direct linked information (with general purpose search engines) then it is to find information stored (deep) in directories

Competitive Advantage

Superior to other un-structured domain registries

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Additional Information

Our system and architecture is researched by 2 independant research institutes: Novay ( in the Netherlands and EDM in Belgium (

Patent Summary

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Class 709: Electrical Computers And Digital Processing Systems: Multicomputer Data Transferring

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