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Technology for Sale:

Cloud-based Secure Peer to Peer Unified Comms    

Multi tenant Unified Communications SaaS System for business Integrates presence, SIP, IM and data with multi-level control system


We have a fully operational, Linux based multi-tenant Unified Comms System built for the Cloud to deliver services to Business users. Similar to MS Lync but multi-tenant system enabling customer branding, control and multiple SIP server connections. System is with built in security encryption and auditability for compliance.

The technology developed over 7 years at a cost of several million $ and positively assessed by major Telcos. However we can no longer afford to compete in this market. System includes presence status, softphone, customer links, content reader (RSS/ATOM etc), Web Meeting and more are built-in. Control designed for multiple levels Root>Distributor> Reseller>Company> private networks. System as also has server to server capability enabling multiple Cloud instances to be linked. Currently clients for PC, MAC and Mobile (English, Japanese, Simplified and Mandarin).

We are interested in either selling the source code/system outright or would prefer to sell the development rights for global business use or a specific territory e.g. the Americas for other telecoms use or granting a sole developer/partner licence or developing further to exclusively a partner’s order or sell.

The Problem Solved by the Technology

Crossing technology boundaries and enabling business users to work and collaborate

How the Technology Solves the Problem

The system is non platform specific at the user end, ie users can be on any platform - Mac, Linux, Windows or mobile, the connection criteria is determined not the the users hardware but by the customers requirements thus it is ideal for creating Corporately controlled private networks that can included clients partners and suppliers within their own domain.

Primary Application of the Technology

Business Communications including VoIP telephony

Competitive Advantage

It is multi tenant, XMPP-based system with a built in self User Management Provisioning and Branding capability enabling each customer to have control over their own Cloud-based partition.

System is designed to enable multi-level service distribution via Channel. It also has server to server capability enabling multiple instances to be connected together or multiple SIP server to be connected into main network e.g. for allowing customers to re-use existing infrastructure investments.

Notes on Development Status

Upgrades are ideally planned to the system these include integrating private social network and controlling public networks (Facebook, Linked-in, Twitter etc). Also the mobile clients need updating and there is a requirement to complete work on i-Phone and Android clients - none of this is lengthy and can be undertaken on behalf of buyer or technology transferred to their team.

Notes on Sales Status

The system was in use by a major Government Health Organisation (who would still endorse it) and was positively tested by major Telcos however the Company's lack of funding caused it to have to cease Service Provision.

Comments on Deal Structure, Potential Terms and Restrictions

Ideally we would seek to exclusively licence the code and retain the ability to develop further non-competing products on the platform however for the right offer we would sell the code and IP outright

Additional Information

We have a number of conversations proceeding including re-funding the Company but will move quickly to answer any interest. We will require the identity of the potential buyer and an NDA to be signed prior to providing commercially sensitive system information.