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A Motorized Walking Machine for Rehabilitation Purposes    

Aids walking and gait training, helps to regain strength and coordination - great for individuals in rehabilitation programs.


The motorized walking machine aids walking and gait training, helps to regain strength and coordination - a great innovation for individuals in rehabilitation programs. Similar to a stair-stepping machine, with the ability to perform a specified range of motion, it induces more of an elliptical motion, emulating a walking motion; thereby activating and stimulating the relevant muscles, ligaments and tendons involved.

The machine consists of a motorized base that accommodates the device's motor. It has two flat rectangular foot bars and two handle bars, both of which are fully adjustable, and attached to the base. The two foot bars feature straps, which fastens around the legs to better stabilize the legs while on the machine, it has an adjustable speed control dial.

The device may also be manufactured as a manual machine.

Primary Application of the Technology

Hospitals, physical therapy clinics, health equipment manufacturers, fitness centers, sporting goods stores, health spa.

The Problem Solved by the Technology

The motorized walking machine solves the problem for individuals who need help regaining strength of the hip, knee, leg, feet and coordination with walking. The machine can help patients recovering from either a stroke or surgery.

Competitive Advantage

The device has safety straps which can be made of velcro material to ensure the individuals safety while on the machine. The handle bars are adjustable to suit an individual's height. The machine can be used motorized or for physical resistance it can be used manually.

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Class 482: Exercise Devices

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Class 601: Surgery: Kinesitherapy