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Security System Activated BEFORE Burglary    

Autonomous wireless alarm system that detects burglars and keeps them, before they even attempt to break in or cause any kind of damage to your door or window


An autonomous wireless alarm system - detects burglars and keeps them out before they even attempt to break in, or cause any kind of damage to your door or window. It is activated by a non-replicating remote control that has a double coding of hoping codes system.

This patented innovating alarm system is manufactured and practiced in Europe.

How does it work ?
Infrared sensors are installed outside the door to monitor the area in front of the lock. Once the burglar deterrent is activated by the wireless remote control, if someone or something such as a hand or a tool approaches, e.g. a screwdriver, pliers or anything else, then the siren will automatically be activated.

Where can it be placed ?
The burglar deterrent can be placed on any kind of door, old or new, on wooden doors, armored security doors, aluminum entrance doors, P.V.C. doors, garage doors, or even on exterior frames.

Can it be deactivated ?
The deactivation of the system can only be achieved by the owner’s remote control. If the sensor is violated or damaged, then the siren will automatically be activated. This unique characteristic of the burglar deterrent serves as a road block and scares burglars away.

Does it work in the event of a power outage ?
Yes, if a power outage occurs, the burglar deterrent will still operate using its internal rechargeable battery.

When should the alarm system be activated ?
The alarm system should be activated whenever you leave your premises or even when you go to sleep, since the main goal is to prevent burglars from approaching your door and especially from damaging or violating it.

What makes this burglar deterrent so unique?
While other alarm systems are activated after the door has been violated, this patented invention detects intruders in time and scares them away by activating its siren before the attempted break-in.

It is as if you hired a full-time guard outside your doorstep.

We are selling the rights for commercial exploitation and the all the schematic diagrams and blueprints for production for specific countries.

Primary Application of the Technology

Every home, store or garage that already has an alarm system or not.

The Problem Solved by the Technology

A burglar cannot enter your home without activating the alarm.

Competitive Advantage

Our system is superior to other alarm systems because it is activated BEFORE someone tries to break into your house, before any damage can be done to your property, and with almost zero faulse alarms!