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Software for Instantaneous Clinical Decision Support    

Software for cerebral blood flow (CBF) imaging.


Software for cerebral blood flow (CBF) imaging. The program lets the diagnosing physicians benefit from the automatic quantification delivered by the advanced software. This is the perfect aid at any clinic, regardless of size, and brings world-leading image display and quantification to your workstation, which means optimal conditions for visual interpretation. The software also includes the possibility of exporting all data from the quantification onto a spreadsheet

Primary Application of the Technology

Clinical decision support

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U.S. Patent Classes & Classifications Covered in this listing:

Class 382: Image Analysis

This is the generic class for apparatus and corresponding methods for the automated analysis of an image or recognition of a pattern. Included herein are systems that transform an image for the purpose of (a) enhancing its visual quality prior to recognition, (b) locating and registering the image relative to a sensor or stored prototype, or reducing the amount of image data by discarding irrelevant data, and (c) measuring significant characteristics of the image.

Subclass 128: Biomedical applications
Subclass 190: Feature extraction
Subclass 195: Local or regional features
Subclass 199: Pattern boundary and edge measurements
Subclass 203: Shape and form analysis