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Miniature High-Resolution Printer    

Compact, next-generation Laser/LED design enables substantial reductions in printing costs.


Proprietary “palm size” laser printer for high resolution, narrow format documents and fast direct internet printer downloads from the cloud, including photographic quality at 2400 dpi, with non-fade permanent print on plain paper.

This roll feed, and small cut sheet, low cost mini-laser printer will provide an easier to read, high speed alternative to more costly, and toxic, direct thermal industrial printing of receipts, coupons, product labels, shipping labels, tickets, contracts, and tags, as well as the slower and more costly ink jet.

Full-color printouts including labels, represents a cost reduction and marketing opportunity compared with all other printers, particularly as a personal printer direct from smartphones, tablets, and lightweight ultra-book laptops, including direct thermal, thermal transfer, and both monochrome and full color ink jet, as well as the millions of standard office laser printers that now exclusively dominate the personal printer and computer markets.

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U.S. Patent Classes & Classifications Covered in this listing:

Class 399: Electrophotography

Electrophotographically reproducing an original by the action of light directly from the original to a photoconductive member whose electrical conductivity, electrical charge, magnetic condition, or electrical emissivity of a photoconductive medium is selectively altered by the action of light to produce an electrostatic latent image which persists after imaging based upon differences in such electrical property. The latent image is made visible by development; and the developed image may be made permanent by transfer and fixing, or fixing.

Subclass 299: From plural photoconductive members (e.g., drums)
Subclass 384: Continuous (e.g., roll, fanfold)
Subclass 385: Having cutting
Subclass 394: In registration with image