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Asphalt Production Patent    

Patented Pollution Control Technology to Reduce Excessive Emissions


Asphalt production companies historically have faced high fuel costs to make asphalt and excess air emissions created in the manufacturing process. We developed a pollution control technology to solve those two problems.

The approach we took was to design a system that eliminates most of the sulfur compounds that are associated with higher sulfur fuels that are significantly cheaper than clean sulfur fuels that are typically used like no. 2 fuel oil or natural gas. This system enables producers to use high sulfur oils such as bunker oil or heavy oils, or high sulfur coal without emitting anymore air pollution in the form of sulfur compounds such as SO2. As an added bonus, our recirculation system creates large energy savings by reducing the energy needed to warm air for the heating process prior to combustion. This energy savings can be between 5-10% fuel savings which is substantial since fuel is one of the biggest expense items in asphalt production. Thus, the technology saves fuel and allows the use of cheaper fuel for double the cost savings while reducing air pollution and making a cleaner environment.

The only alternative is more expensive and cleaner fuel which adversely affects the bottom line.

Primary Application of the Technology

China and Asia in general are the target market because of its rapid road expansion and serious air quality issues. It could be either a private manufacturer, a government backed venture or a government mandated technology. The market includes anywhere there is asphalt production, including Brazil & South America.

Additional Information

The technology is proven in other boiler/heater processes and can be rapidly applied to the asphalt industry.

The only alternative is more expensive and cleaner fuel which adversely affects the bottom line.

We would design and help the customer install the patented system on a plant and then help them replicate that process throughout its plant inventory.

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