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Wind Energy Harnessing Patent    

Unique, advanced design for low cost, high output, energy generation.


This system provides an improvement and significant advantages over the traditional wind turbines used today to harness electrical power from wind.

Multiple kites are deployed and controlled to maximize the production of useful power from high-elevations where the wind is most productive.

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Class 244: Aeronautics And Astronautics

Machines or structures adapted to be: completely or partially sustained by the air (e.g., winged aircraft, helicopters, parachutes, kites, balloons, etc.); propelled and guided or stabilized through the air (e.g., projectiles with fins, guided missiles, etc.); placed in an orbit or which substantially operate outside the earth"s atmosphere (e.g., satellites, space vehicles, etc.); or subcombinations of these machines or structures.

Subclass 30: Airships
Subclass 33: Captive
Subclass 153R: KITES