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Camera Technology - Special Effects Moving Image Photography    

a multiplex camera for capturing natural motion moving images


The patent describes a device for making video or film special effects, but it may have other scientific or industrial applications.

The technology provides a sturdy plate to support a number of camera mechanisms, each camera mechanism has an adjustable support device, and is connected to a multiple axis optical relay, which may contain additional shutter devices. Each camera mechanism and its associated optical relays, shutters, and lenses can be individually controlled and adjusted to allow an operator a broad range of photographic settings to achieve a smooth, continuous, natural motion moving image recording.

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U.S. Patent Classes & Classifications Covered in this listing:

Class 352: Optics: Motion Pictures

Structure motion picture cameras, which record motion picture cameras, upon a single actuation a series of individual photographs which are separated in time. Generally the recording rate is related to the persistence of vision when the photograph series is used to accurately portray an action. Included in this class are exhibitors which display motion pictures and the motion picture carriers for use in the exhibitors. The exhibitors may display the motion pictures by either affording the viewer a direct view of the pictures with or without the aid of optical magnifiers, or optically projecting a real image of the pictures on a surface which is visible to the viewers. The exhibitors display the individual pictures of the motion picture series sequentially at such a rate that due to the persistence of vision of the viewer an illusion of motion is created. The individual pictures of the motion picture series may be carried on an opaque or transparent base, which may be in the form of a strip, a disc, a drum or individual plates. Motion picture cameras and/or projectors with perfecting structure are also included in this class. Plural arrangements of motion picture apparatus, and motion picture apparatus which is combined with or convertible to other devices are also provided for in this class.

Subclass 67: Simultaneously recorded or projected images