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Hand Propelled Device to Heat Up All Fluids    

Through the use of kinetic energy, a small electrical current is generated to heat up liquids, gels, oils and cremes, up to approx 3 ml.


By the use of handpower a small amount of liquid can be heated. Heating up a fluid within 30 seconds, anywhere you are using energy which is always available, your arm/hand muscles. Indoors, outdoors or even in remote areas. The device can be either part of the packaging, integrated, or be a reusable part. The size of a 50 ml bottle.

Primary Application of the Technology

- Usable in mass consumer markets.
- Cosmetics industry
- Semi pharmaceuticals, over the counter drugs, adhesives, lubricants.
- Automotive.

The Problem Solved by the Technology

In seconds you can heat up a fluid.

As it is hand propelled it has the connotation with sustainability and it can create a ritual. It is readily available.

Competitive Advantage

Simple device to recover and store "shaking energy" of a human hand and any-other back-and-forth movement.
Applications include - shaving gels, cremes and oils which you want to heat up in a simple way before applying. It could heat up eye-drops. Pre heating an adhesive, heat up a vaccination drug in remote areas (e.g. Africa)

Patent Summary

U.S. Patent Classes & Classifications Covered in this listing:

Class 219: Electric Heating

This class includes all those devices commonly known as electric heaters, electric-heating metal working apparatus, electrically-heated tools and instruments. This is the generic class for electric heating devices, per se. Devices and systems equipped with electric heating means in which the electric heating means is combined with or includes specific other art structure whereby the heated material is withdrawn, stored or otherwise utilized will also be classified in the appropriate other art class to which it pertains.

Subclass 201: Combined with diverse-type art device
Subclass 386: Portable or mobile

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