Patent for Sale:

Simplified Illuminated Display Case using LED's and Refaction Panel    

Display case design that allows manufacturers to use standard picture frame profiles or insert the base into an existing light box


Simplified method of construction, significant cost reductions, eliminates the standard light box and fluorescent tubes, eliminates mercury in land fill, allows for infinite display outcomes. Most edge light display systems use the snap frames to hold the art work in place. This is the first design to use most standard frame profiles.

Primary Application of the Technology

Menu boards
Illuminated graphic displays
Retrofit light boxes
Overhead store signs,

The Problem Solved by the Technology

The material and production methods are simple, the life expectancy extended, maintenance can be preformed by a layperson. Retrofits are simplified. All other edge lit designs use snap frames. Currently this design has 3 catalogs of frame choices. The whole design and method of construction is simple, infringement can be spotted easily. This design brings an end to fluorescent tube light boxes.

How the Technology Solves the Problem

Infinite frame choice, low cost production, superior light refraction of illuminated plate, no metal extrusions required, simple desing. A standard display unit 24 * 36 inches uses less than 1 amp of power. The total depth including the frame is less than 1.5 inches.

Competitive Advantage

Currently we have created prototype units at 11 * 17 inches of material at a cost of 50 dollars. It is believed that a manufactured unit cost would be down to 25 dollars or less, for material with direct out sourcing. The use of LED edge lighting with LED has been achieved by using snap frames and complex aluminum extrusions to hold it all together. Currently the market uses refraction method known as a "V Grove ". This design increases refraction by a significant multiple. The snap frame design has reached its peak. This new design incorporates almost all picture frame profiles. The same product with a slightly different configuration can be inserted into existing light boxes without removing any of the hardware inside.

The seller would like to be granted a license back.

Additional Information

This is a low DC voltage design with the power convertor outside. Each individual design does not need ULA approval.