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Class 202: Distillation: Apparatus

Apparatus except as noted herein below for distillation of either solids or liquids, and associations of distillation apparatus and other apparatus adapted to prepare material for distillation. For the purposes of this classification distillation is defined as the volatilization of a substance for the purpose of recovering material from the vapor produced by condensation or absorption. The product obtained by condensation must be a liquid. Generally the volatile material separated existed as a definite chemical entity in the substance, but in the case of thermolytic distillation it may be formed from other compounds during and by the heating. The absence from the claims of means for performing condensation or absorption in an apparatus patent does not exclude it from this class if it is disclosed, evident or well known that the apparatus is designed to be used in connection with such a step.

Subclass 105: Retort
Subclass 133: Horizontal
Subclass 136: Rotary
Subclass 84: Separatory and thermolytic
Subclass 96: Thermolytic