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Patent Summary

U.S. Patent Classes & Classifications Covered in this listing:

Class 401: Coating Implements With Material Supply

This is the residual class for a manually manipulated device for applying or spreading a coating on a work surface by movement of the device relative to the surface and contact therewith, which device includes, or is combined with, either (a) a supply of, or support for, solid coating material, or (b) a tool and means to supply fluent coating material either to the tool or to the work surface.

Subclass 188R: By one-way means for adding gas to reservoir (e.g., pump)
Subclass 270: With flow-regulator
Subclass 278: Resiliently biased

Class 433: Dentistry

This class is a specific class under the broader class of Surgery and includes methods directed to or including specific dental steps, e.g., taking impressions of the teeth or gums, adapting a plate or model to a particular mouth formation, mounting teeth on a plate in a particular way, etc.; apparatus, implements, and devices relating to the treatment of teeth or gums, or the replacement of teeth.

Subclass 122: Having rotating cam or eccentric
Subclass 131: Having motor
Subclass 84: Power-driven tool having fluid control valve for dispensed material
Subclass 85: On or adjacent handpiece or handle
Subclass 89: Hand-held implement with material supply

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