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Medical Device for Treatment of Hard-to-Heal Wounds    

Non-Invasive Wound Healing Technology for the Medical Treatment of Chronic, Hard-to-Heal Wounds


Seller has developed an apparatus and method that provide accelerated recovery for chronic, hard to heal wounds, via safe, non-invasive exposure to a mixture of ozone (O3) and oxygen. Sellers' flagship product delivers the mixture of oxygen and ozone at sub-atmospheric pressure, from a gas-tank to the wound surface, which is protected in a disposable, boot-shaped chamber. The proprietary control system automatically monitors the treatment parameters, which are set in advance by the specialized physician. Based on seller's clinical experience, the typical treatment session time with the system takes approximately 25 minutes, and on average 25-30 sessions are required to reach a full recovery. Based on clinical trials on approximately 250 patients, success rates in treating hard-to-heal wounds using seller's product is 80-100%, versus a control group success rate of 45-50%.

Primary Application of the Technology

The broad market is wound healing. Seller's current product addresses the segment of the market focused on the treatment of chronic, hard to heal diabetic, vascular insufficiency, and pressure wounds.

How the Technology Solves the Problem

The unique technology developed by seller, which combines ozone and oxygen in a sub-atmospheric environment, achieve the following objectives at the same time:

 Optimal therapeutic effect of Ozone
 Enhancement of blood flow at the wound’s site
 Fast removal of the necrotic tissue
 Prevention of ozone leakage to the outside atmosphere, thus maintaining a high level of ozone while not causing any hazardous effects
 The device is controlled by a monitoring system enabling physicians to control treatment protocols for each individual patient.

The therapeutic path of the system is broad:

 Ozone fully inactivates bacteria, viruses, fungi and other germs, resulting in wound cleansing and disinfecting environment
 Oxygen promotes healthy tissue growth and wound recovery
 Both ozone and oxygen enhance blood circulation and oxidation
 The mixture of both triggers enzymatic degeneration of necrotic tissues
 Acceleration of tissue revitalization and recovery by stimulating the immune system to release growth factors, which play a major role in wound recovery

Seller's treatment method is comprised of three primary elements that result in wound cleansing and
recovery as shown below:

Element Operation:

Ozone 1.Killing bacteria, viruses, fungi and other germs
2.Stimulates cell division and scarring of wound tissue
3.Stimulates the immune system,
4.Stimulates the enzymatic break down of necrosis
5.stimulates the budding of connective tissue and blood vessel epithelization.

Oxygen 1.Promoting healthy tissue growth and wound recovery
2.Enhance blood circulation and oxidation

Sub-atmospheric Micro Climate Causing suction of secreted liquids, increased blood flow,
protects from Ozone leaking to the outside (safety) and stimulates the wound area.

Comments on Deal Structure, Potential Terms and Restrictions

Ideally a buyer would like to continue development of the products using the existing development team in Israel.

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