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Active Impact Protection System for Mobile Devices    

An impact protection system for portable devices which detects free-fall and extends impact-absorbing arms to protect the device from damage upon impact.


This technology provides an effective means for protecting portable devices via a system which remains hidden from view until needed to protect a falling device. This system utilizes the device's accelerometer to detect free-fall and, when the device has been falling for a pre-determined amount of time, releases spring-loaded impact-absorbing arms to protect the device from impact. Amount of device protection is far superior to the minimal protection offered by cases. After deployment, the consumer may simply press the arms back into place and the system will be reset. The impact-absorbing arms may be part of the inside of the device's casing so that an elegant look may be maintained. The function of this system would undoubtedly be fascinating to consumers.

Primary Application of the Technology

Mobile device manufacturers, mobile device case manufacturers

The Problem Solved by the Technology

Cracked mobile device screens and other damage from being dropped are very commonplace, expensive and frustrating to consumers. This technology solves the problem.

How the Technology Solves the Problem

By providing an active impact-absorbing system that utilizes the accelerometer already installed in the device and may be built into the molding of the device.

Competitive Advantage

Current mobile device protection is insufficient to protect a device (particularly large and vulnerable screens) from damage upon impact with a floor or other hard object. This system accomplishes that goal in an entertaining and cool-looking manner.

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